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Beneficiary story:

“I was healthy and fit… No one would ever expect something like this to happen to them.” – Mr Rahim

When Mr Rahim first approached AFYS, he was unemployed after a spinal cord injury sustained at work in 2016 which left him bedridden. He was also later diagnosed with retinal issues and had to amputate his left leg due to diabetes. Severe infection that came after this amputation affected his right leg as well and was amputated early this year.

With support from his wife and children, Mr Rahim continued to persevere.

Mr Rahim’s family has truly shown their strength by overcoming his adversities. His children are able to study and work at the same time in order to lessen the financial burden on the family. His eldest daughter became the family’s sole breadwinner since she was 21 years old.

The significant reduction in income was very challenging for the family but with AFYS’ assistance, Mr Rahim hopes to be able to provide for his children despite his circumstances.