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Chatbot Q&A

Donor-based questions

Which donations are entitled for tax relief? How do I know if my donation is eligible for tax-relief? Is my donation auto submitted to IRAS?

All donations (except via telepoll, pledge cards, charity coupons) qualify for a 2.5 times tax relief. It will be automatically
accorded to you by IRAS in your tax submission for the year only if you have provided us with
your NRIC/FIN/ROC number. With immediate effect, IRAS will no longer accept any claims for
tax deduction based on donation receipts.

Zakat on Wealth payments qualify for a 1.0 times tax relief. However, Zakat payers will need to manually declare their Zakat contribution with IRAS as there is no auto-inclusion scheme for Zakat payments.

How much of collected funds are used for admin and operational costs of AMP? How much proceeds will go to the beneficiary?

How is my donation benefiting the intended beneficiary? How do I know if there are any improvements to their lives? How are the donations disbursed to the beneficiary? How many beneficiaries have you assisted this year/to date?

How will I be notified on my donation status? How do I request for a hardcopy/softcopy receipt of my donation?

You will receive an acknowledgement email on the successful donation transfer if you have provided your email address.
Otherwise, a hardcopy receipt will be mailed to your mailing address.
For further requests, you may reach us at fundraising@amp.org.sg and we will assist you.

I have submitted my GIRO Application Form but no deductions have been made yet.

For hardcopy GIRO Application Form, it typically requires 2 to 4 weeks for Bank’s clearance. Once approved, the deduction will be automatically deducted on the period of 25th – 28th of each month

I’m a GIRO donor but no receipt has been issued to me yet.

For donors opting for monthly donations, AMP will consolidate all donations made and mail out the receipt at the end of each year.

For further requests, you may reach us at fundraising@amp.org.sg and we will assist you.

I’m a current donor and I would like to amend/terminate my GIRO deduction. How do I proceed with this request?

Simply email your request to fundraising@amp.org.sg and we will get in touch with you.

How do I donate through cheque?

Please indicate ‘AMP’ at the Payee section. Kindly include your full name, NRIC No., contact no., programme you wish to support and mailing address at the reverse of the cheque for issuance of tax-receipt.

I have mailed out a donation cheque. How will I know if my cheque is cleared?

Banks usually require 3 to 4 working days to clear cheques upon successful banking in. A Fundraising officer will get in touch with you should there be any returned cheques.

How can I get a copy og AMP’s donation brochures?

Simply email your request to fundraising@amp.org.sg and we will get in touch with you.

If I donate online, how much platform fee and transaction fee are charged?

For ampdonate.sg donations, AMP will absorb the Stripe fees as part of our standard operational costs. This simply means that 100% of your donations will still be allocated to your intended cause.

For giving.sg donations, AMP will absorb the transaction fees from 1 April 2021.

Are there any existing matching grants or opportunities, where my donations can be maximised and the impact of my donations can be multiplied/doubled?

As part of the Fortitude Budget, the government is matching donations to charities dollar-for-dollar till 31 March 2021. The impact of your donations  will now be doubled!

How do you determine the success of a programme which I donate to? What are your KPIs?

Which programme requires the most funding? Why is that so? Is there a current gap that AMP is addressing?

How can I raise funds for AMP? My friends and I are keen to support AMP’ cause.

Are my personal details stored securely according to PDPA compliance?

Can I receive an update on the impact of my donations?

How does AMP raise funds and keep its programmes running?

I have trouble donating online. Who can I speak to? I’m a current donor. How do I inquire about my donations?

Email to fundraising@amp.org.sg
Whatsapp to 9612 1989
Call FR team at 6517 4099

Can I walk-in to AMP to make a donation? Do I have to schedule an appointment?

I’m a current donor and I wish to update my personal details (ie. mailing address). How do I go about with it?

Can I donate in-kind items such as groceries and fresh food to AMP beneficiaries?

Can I meet and interact with the beneficiaries I’m supporting?

I’ve heard about a family you’re assisting over the radio. Can I render direct assistance to this family?

Programme and Beneficiary-based questions

How do you support students in need?

Ready for School Fund

How do you support families in need?

Adopt a Family & Youth Scheme

How do you help stay-at-home mothers?

Micro Business Programme

Do you help the elderly?

Home Access

How do you help those facing debt issues?

Debt Advisory Centre

I’m just released from prison. How can AMP support my reintegration journey?

Development and Reintegration Programme

I’m a single mother with kids. How can AMP help?

Home Ownership Plus Education Micro Business Programme Adopt a Family & Youth Scheme

I’m a student aspiring to seek new job experience and internships.

Windows on Work

I would like to learn and network at the same time. Does AMP provide such opportunities?

Learning Circle

I have just been retrenched from my job. How can I seek assistance?


Do you provide cash assistance?

AMP provides cash bursary for students

I’m lost and I’m in need of desperate help. I need help with my marriage/child (student). What can i do?

Refer to counselling helplines. Marriage Enrichment and Support Programme

What do you do at Youth Hub? How do I join?

Youth Programme

My child needs a laptop for school. Can AMP help?

NEU PC Programme

I’m a parent. Are there any courses or talks which I can attend?

Parenting Seminar

Programme-based questions

AMP Programmes

What is Adopt a Family & Youth Scheme?

What is Development and Reintegration Programme?

What is Home Access?

What is Home Ownership Plus Education?

What is Marriage Enrichment & Support Programmes?

What is Marriage Preparation for Young Couples?

What is Parenting Seminar?

What is Temporary Assistance Package 2.0?

What is Debt Advisory Centre?

What is AMPx?

What is Common Space?

What is Micro Business Programme?

What is SkillsFuture Service TouchPoint?

What is Learning Access Foundation Award

What is NEU PC Plus Programme?

What is Ready for School Fund?

What is SIngapore Muslim Education Fund?

What is Life Skills & Personal Development?

What is Windows on Work?

What is Youth Enrichment Programme?

What is Youth Hub?

Are your case officers, social workers and counsellors trained and certified? What are the minimum prerequisites?

General questions

What is AMP?

Why is AMP formed?

How long has AMP been in existence?

Who are the board directors under AMP?

Who are the management personnel in AMP?

AMP Subsidiaries: What is MERCU and RIMA?

Is AMP an accredited organisation? Do you have IPC status? Until when?

I would like to view the financial health of AMP and its audited statements.

AMP’s Annual Report

How does AMP benefit the community?

Does AMP only help Muslims? Does AMP help non-Muslims too?

How you can help - How can professionals help? - How can corporate partners help? - How can I help as an individual? - How can i volunteer (expertise, time)

Do you rent your premises?

Common Space

Can i be an AMP member? What is in it for me?

What is the AMP Community?

I know of a family/an individual who needs help. How can I refer them to AMP?

Has AMP been featured in public news before? Do you have engagements and collaborations with public government agencies?