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Beneficiary story:

When Hidayat’s parents separated in 2014, he knew his life was about to change. At 16, he witnessed how his mother struggled to support two school-going children on her own.

The family of three had to resort to renting a room temporarily while waiting to secure a one-room rental flat. Sharing a home with another family was not easy for them. The family of three would have to wake up extra early to use the bathroom and the kitchen. Hidayat felt like life had hit rock bottom on days when they had little left to eat. He and his sister would often recess and on their worst days, they’d eat plain rice and baked beans for dinner.

Hidayat remembers a time when his mother only had $20 in her wallet left for the 3 of them and her next pay was still 2 weeks away.

More recently, his mother’s job was affected due to the circuit breaker period measures.

Hidayat realised how important education is in helping to improve his family’s living situation. He then decided to sit for N levels as a private candidate after dropping out of school prematurely.

Today, Hidayat serves as an inspiration. Through sheer grit and determination, Hidayat managed to score a good GPA and was recently offered a place in a local polytechnic. Hidayat also hopes to continue volunteering and mentor youths under AMP’s youth programmes.